Friday, July 31, 2009

Musings: Jesus vs. Wind

Today as I was sitting outside on my screened in porch perusing through a magazine, I noticed a certain scent floating through the air. Mmmm I thought to myself...rain is on the way. There's always that glorious smell before the storm hits - I love it...savor it even...nothing like the aroma of fresh rain. Right about that time I started noticing the wind was picking up...
I've been reading a book by Francine Rivers, "A Voice in the Wind", it's about a young Christian Jewish girl going through the time period where the Romans are killing all Jews and Christians. She is the only one left alive in her family, she is clearly left because the Lord has plans for her. She is a slave in an upper class Roman family and the only Christian living among Romans who believe in only their idols and she also lives among Jewish slaves that are not Christ believing. I am only about 100 pages into the book...but...many in the book keep referring to her "God" as "the unseen god". And then it hit me...
How do we "believe" in wind and air...we can't "see" it, though it is obviously there. We can't tangibly "touch" it...we can only "feel" it lightly brush against our skin or see the effects of it blowing the trees around...yet it is so easy for people to believe that the wind is actually there. As I watched those trees blowing in the wind today...I thought of my life...and other people's lives as Christians. I can truly "see" God's hand in my life. I feel His awesome presence. He inspires me, diciplines me, loves me...and is there for me throughout each and every high and low of my life. I see the ramifications of Jesus dying on that cross for me...I can feel it...I am so thankful that I am "forgiven"! We can't "see" Jesus today...but we have God's gift to us...the Bible...written by people before He came (the Old Testament)...and people who witnessed Jesus (the New Testament)...walked with Him...talked with Him (my favorites are John, Paul and James). What an amazing account of His life we have when you think about it. Christianity is the ONLY religion in which it's God sacrificed Himself for His people and was raised from the dead. I feel so blessed to be in "the know" feel know this...even if only by faith...but what keeps my faith alive is the "seeing" of my everyday life...and the blessings that I have received in my life...but most of all...the dicipline that I go through in my life. I thank the Lord that I can see and feel His touch...His gentle whisper that comes to me in a sweet breeze...
xoxo -

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Women and Friendship

I must say that at times I feel so very thankful to be a woman! I could be wrong...this is only my humble opinion...but..I feel that since women are "heart" driven, we really seem to connect on a deeper friendship level than perhaps men do. We are the "feelers"...the "question askers"...the "nurturers" in life. I laugh at it now...but...I remember at different times throughout my life, I'd just be babbling along...talking about the most trivial of things, and my mom with a smile on her face, just looks over at me and says, "you sure do talk alot"! It's funny really...
I know that we women aren't all the same (that's what makes the world go round)...some of us are better listeners, nurturers, communicators, but, all-in-all, I feel that women "own" these things. Let's face it...when your baby is hurting...who do they come to first? And I LOVE that - but, I'm supposed to right (why, because I'm a woman)! :) Now, of course Men have their awesome points...but...this post is about us Women. I love having the friends that I have...the friendships that I have are all very different, and some are on different levels because of time, etc. But I must say...I feel so very lucky to have such awesome women in my life! I am so appreciative of the caring, thoughtful, great listening...(I could go on and on)... friends that God has blessed me with. I learn so much from y'all! It is so awesome being a woman! Looking through the "hourglass" of my life...I remember different friendships from throughout the years and think about the old saying, "a reason, a season, and a lifetime friend". It's really pretty neat when I think back about different situations in life that I have gone through, and how God put that certain friend in my life for a reason...and at other times, a season...and still others are my lifetime friends...I hold each of you so dearly in my heart and thank God for you daily!
I look forward to my relationship with my daughter and watching her grow through the trials and tribulations...the ups and the downs...the good times, and being there for her in whatever way she needs me...and seeing the wonderful women that God will place in her life...and she in help out, give a listening ear, a crying shoulder...or just to "talk alot" and perhaps ease some sort of heartache or pain...
And now friends, I leave you with this:
"Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together". -Woodrow Wilson
xoxo -

Monday, July 27, 2009

Music: My Father in Me

I'll tell you's so awesome to be able to see great things about your parents that have been imprinted on you (sometimes there are not so great traits...but...this post is about the good ones). :) For as long as I can remember, my dad has LOVED music! His favorite kind of music is classic country...George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Alabama...the greats that really made Country music what it is today. I remember riding down along back country roads with him on the way to my grandma's house jamming out to "He Stopped Loving Her Today", by George Jones and "Dixieland Delight" by Alabama. We were always in some old truck of his - he also has a car/truck fetish - a new "old" one about every six mos.! (What can I say - he's a man)! ;) Today when I hear these songs, I recall delightful memories of riding with the windows down on sunny, hot summer days, standing in the seat next to him with my arm around his neck (yes, of course there were no seat belt laws back then) and just being so happy. I share his love of music these days and really enjoy listening to these songs because they really can lift my mood and take me back to sweet times shared with my dad. Nowadays, one of his hobbies is making CD's for everyone full of the hits and songs we grew up with. He's added to his repertoire Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Sam Cooke, and many other greats. I love just being able to say, "Dad - can you make me this cd - do you remember we used to listen to him/her all the time"? I think he gets a kick out of it. I hope to instill this same appreciation with my kiddos. Music is such an awesome gift...and it's one of those things that can bring back so many good memories. Today, my little sweeties are exposed to Kenny Chesney, Michael Bublee, of course the classic country that I grew up with, and lots more...I hope that they will have the good memories of riding together and being together as a family like I do and share the same love for music that my father and I share. And yes...sometimes I wish...they were able to stand next to me and put their little arms around my neck too...
xoxo -

Sunday, July 26, 2009


"Boats...vessels of freedom...harbors of healing...", Kenny Chesney's lyrics from the song "Boats". This quickly became one of my favorite songs...and what truth there is in these lyrics. Today as we were gliding along on Lake Norman, as I felt the breeze in my hair, I sat and looked out over the lake and what a feeling of freedom indeed! It was a gorgeous day, and I was able to sit back and close my eyes and just let the sunshine wash my ailments away. As we found a spot to drift in, I watched my children playing in the water with their daddy and also with their grandparents, and it seemed it had done them just as much good as it did me. Precious smiles from ear to ear...the hum of sweet baby laughter, genuine laughter, from the pits of their tiny bellies. There's nothing like that sound in the world...I just savor it! We don't often get to go on boat rides since we don't own a boat...but...perhaps that makes it a bit more special when we do get to go...we really just "soak" it up...
xoxo -

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Blast From the Past - Family Reunion 2009

Today I went to a family reunion on my Grandmother's side. She had 7 sisters - yes that is 8 girls!! My grandmother's mama died after her little sister Carrie Belle was born. My grandmother was only 3 at the time. I cannot imagine what my great grandfather must have gone through raising 8 girls - back in the mid 1920's. He was a very kind man, according to my grandmother and her older sisters helped him raise the younger ones (he did remarry some time after my great grandmother died). She has fond memories of her childhood - square dances, cooking, playing with her younger sister Carrie and the sister that was born right before her (her name was Mary, but everyone for as long as I can remember called her "Bob"...I knew her as Aunt Bob). Grandma told me of her memories of walking down the old dirt road from her house to go to "Uncle Russ's" general store and bring a big block of ice back to the house on hot days...picking cotton (which wasn't such a fond memory because it was so hot out and such hard work). I love to sit and hear the stories of my grandmother's was such a different time and place back then, it's incredible how things have changed throughout her 84 years. I often think of how I would have loved to have lived back then with my grandma, and played, shared secrets and gone to square dances...we would have been the best of friends - we really are two peas in a pod!! She is such an inspiration to me...I love her so much. It was awesome to be able to be around all of my relatives from her lineage today. It's amazing to see the faces of children and grandchildren that look so much like each of their mothers and grandmother's sisters. Genealogy is such a miraculous mystery to me. We've bid farewell to Sarah (the oldest whom they called Tick), Grace, Margaret (whom they called Mart), Kathryn (whom they called Kat), Mary (whom they called Bob)...but, we still have the sweet pleasure of hanging out with Virginia (whom they call Jinx), Wallace (my grandmother, whom they call Wat), and Carrie Belle - she just goes by Carrie these days. I feel so blessed to come from this family of strong, beautiful and most of all loving women!! I certainly had a wonderful time today and look forward to many more reunions such as this...a blast from the past, a peek into the present, and to see the faces of the future that will keep my grandmother and her sister's memories and stories alive...
xoxo -

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sand in the Hourglass

"The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it." Niccolo Machiavelli
As I read this today...I was thinking...yes...quite so - how profound. And then I began to this true in everyone's case? Is it true in my case? I began to recollect old memories of decisions made in certain circumstances in my life's past and compared them to what I would do today. It is really quite amazing when you think of it...this rollercoaster we are on called "life". To think of the times in our lives, the people in our lives that have in ways, shaped our views and molded us as individuals. I began to think of times when I was seeing things through rose colored glasses...and the repercussions of such views. But, thankfully I can say, that through the "downs" of my particular rollercoaster that I have learned the lessons...some lessons took longer to grasp than others...but...nonetheless, I finally got it...and alas...there are lessons I am still trying to learn and understand. I find myself praying at times, "Lord, please...just let me get it...please let me figure out what you are trying to teach me NOW...I don't want this to be a long lesson". Even during such times, I am thankful enough to realize that there is something I am working towards and the Good Lord isn't finished with me yet. I am thankful that my hourglass seems pretty clear...the part that doesn't have the sand in it least it's not fogged up.
And then I begin to wonder...what color is the sand in my hourglass? Tan? Taupe? at simply must be hot pink...
Goodnight ladies!
xoxo -

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Farewell to an Old Friend...

This post is in fond memory of an old high school friend named Chris Lutz. We rode the bus together during junior high, and then sometimes shared a ride in each other's cars (because that was "cool") in high school. Chris and I had recently reconnected through facebook, and he seemed on top of the world. Co-owner of a popular pub in Asheville and brand new father to a precious baby girl. It was such a shock when I went to his FB page and realized that he had suddenly passed away. I couldn't believe it! But as my eyes poured over his heart was filled with sweet emotion. So many of his friends had written on his wall, and not only that...but they wrote "to" if he were still reading and checking his page daily (I decided to follow suit on that as well). I'd like to believe he is able to see the wonderful inscriptions that are written on that wall of his. It really makes one think about the legacy we will all leave when our times come. Chris lead a life that brought a smile to people's faces...even strangers. He literally lit up the room around him. I pray that I can be that light and inspiration. He did for his fellow man and didn't expect anything in return - a trait that seems to be dwindling in this era in which we live. Chris's death caused me to remember my sweet grandfather's passing and his funeral. I had NEVER in all my life seen SO MANY people at a place to give their respects and say their good-byes as I did at my grandfather's funeral. He had so many friends and good relations that some had to stand OUTSIDE the church during the funeral service - it was that packed!! My grandfather had been a barber in historic Matthews...he had so many great conversations with his clients. I remember being there on hot summer days when my daddy would be getting a haircut, and I'd go back into "Pop's" old office in the back of the barber shop, and pull open the old-fashioned refrigerator and grab an ice cold Sun-Drop, and listen to the men laugh while they were being coiffed. At his funeral a man came up to me and said, "Your grandfather was the most honest man I've ever known", that really sat with me...and always will. I sure do miss both of them, but know that I will see them again someday.
In closing, I want to leave you with these words that were posted on his wall from one of Chris's friends, Jamar Bryson: "...I could always count on you for a laugh, man you brightened so many peoples life and will continue to. You know we sometimes take that gift for granted. Everyone remember to frown less, smile and laugh more, share this gift with everyone you can, even people you don't know that well. Because that's what CHRIS LUTZ would have done and that's what he would have wanted. Love ya!"
xoxo -

Welcome to my "Well"...

Well...during a nice evening out last night with friends, we happened upon the subject of blogs/blogging. My friends were telling me of their own blogs, and those of others that they kept in touch with daily, monthly, etc. They spoke to me of blogs that were so inspiring to them and gave them hope, they talked of ones that shared recipes and talked of their daily lives and common struggles. What an interesting concept I thought! It reminded me of earlier days when women used to gather at the watering wells to get their water for the day, share stories, bear one anothers burdens, and much more. I sort of like to think of blogging as one of today's versions of that same concept. We can all gather around one another's "wells" and learn from, benefit from, share stories and most of all inspire one another. Thank you friends (you know who you are) for being my inspiration and I look forward to many "midnite monologues" together!
xoxo - Kasey