Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sand and Surf toes sure do love some sand and surf - let me tell you! Actually, my whole body seems to be drawn to it like a magnet. We arrived at the beach, me the C's and 5 other moms and their beloved kiddos. We are having a blast...needess to say we had a very nice, long nap today...the C's and I did a good friend of ours is cooking a delicious Mexican dinner for us tonight and we will enjoy some more sand and surf later this the great words of Frank Sinatra, this is "the good life".xoxo -Kasey

Friday, August 28, 2009

Rose Colored Glasses: Take 1

Well, I'm either out of my mind...or living through rose colored glasses. One week from today, I'll know which one...
Months ago, I made plans to go on a beach trip with some of my mommie friends and their kiddos. Yes, you read that right. Just us and our kiddos. Actually, as it has been quickly approaching, I find myself getting butterflies in my stomach and feeling quite giddy...excited even. I keep imagining my babies playing in the sand and surf...building sand castles, chasing sand crabs, finding seashells together...ahh...I just love my rose colored glasses...they are so much fun to wear. When I take them off...well...I'm just not going to do that...not right now anyways.
There now...where was I...oh yes...sugarplums dancing and nothing but smiles and laughter - yes...that's it. (smile)
Friends, I will try to post over this little respite...not sure if I will be able to or not...there may just be too much laughter and sand...but hey, that's what memories are made of, right?
xoxo -
p.s. Oh the way...if you'll notice...the title of this post is "Rose Colored Glasses: Take 1", that's because...I really, really, really enjoy wearing them...and I'm sure I'll have a lifetime more of them to post - it'll be fun to count along! ;)
p.p.s. Do YOU ever wear rose colored glasses too?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Magic

My mother is the one who cultivated my love of old hollywood movies, and I'm so thankful! Thanks , Mom! Summer Magic, with Hayley Mills is a favorite of mine. It was a musical, and there were so many GREAT songs in it. The one I like the most and remember best, was sung by Burl Ives called "On the Front Porch". In the movie, they are all sitting outside on a gorgeous summer night, listening to Burl play the guitar and sing...he sings of summer love, fire flies flickin', squeaky rocking chairs and lingering on the front porch with his love when the day is through. On summer nights I always think of this song. One I own and will enjoy with my babies...I highly recommend it!
Enjoy my friends...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Moon River: Audrey Hepburn Style

Ok, so yes, I'll admit it...I absolutely adore old Hollywood! I love the movies, the actors/actresses, the songs, the styles...everything! So yes...Madonna's song Vogue...from back in my "hay day" was one of my favorite songs.
Audrey Hepburn is one of my all time favorite actresses from that era, not only because she was a great actress...but I just believe she was a down to earth, humble, sweet & caring lady who constantly gave of herself. God gave her a talent, she used it to the best of her ability and she was a blessing to the many people she crossed paths with. Following her war-time experiences, she developed an affinity for humanitarian work. She began work with UNICEF in the 1950's and later in her life, she dedicated much of her time/life to it's cause. She herself worked in some of the poorest and most underprivileged areas of Asia, Africa and South America. I find that amazing!! What a great person to look up of her most inspiring quotes in my opinion is, "Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, it's at the end of your arm, as you get older, remember you have another hand: The first is to help yourself, the second is to help others."
Audrey used her second had quite alot throughout her delightful life...
I aspire to be just like that...and hope that my children will also see the beauty in helping others and follow suit as well.
Breakfast at Tiffany's is probably my most favorite movie of hers, My Fair Lady is a close second. In Breafast at Tiffany's she sings a song that has become another of my most treasured lullaby's for my babies. I sing it to them often, and they love it...Cristian always requests it...I hope Carmen will too one day...right now she'll sing along to parts of it with me..."my Huckleberry Friend"...I love to hear her sing that part.
On that note dear friends, I leave you with Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's singing Henry Mancini's, Moon River.
xoxo -

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Little Clown

Yes, there he little clown, my little man...the one who has captured my heart. Those blue eyes...that sweet smile...looking up telling me through those insanely thick, long lashes saying "I love you mommy" ...and then I hear a rustle in the background and SMACK! He's whacked Carmen with his blanket (or whatever at that point to make her scream)...
Ha ha! Yes, he is that charming little fellow with the "halo" over his head most of the time...and he and Carmen adore each other...but of course, at times...those little "horns" sprout on occasion.
My precious angel just turned 4 and we had such a grand time at his celebration! The Lord blessed us with a beautiful, dry rained aplenty the day before and the day after his sweet little party. I cannot believe how quickly time goes by...especially when you are an adult...geesh...that makes me sound so old...Anyhoo - I love to watch my son grow and learn things daily...he has quite the imagination and quite a zest for life. I love to see his take on the world and how he reacts to certain things. He has the love for wildlife that his Maw-Maw has, he also LOVES music, like his Paw-Paw, Mommy and Daddy. Most everything he does is JUST like his's truly amazing! Mind-boggling actually...I've seen that boy follow right behind his daddy while mowing the entire lawn...the entire time...while pulling his little John Deere mower behind him. Every Saturday...he exclaims with sheer delight, "Daddy, can we mow the grass today...and weed-whack? Can we...please?" Jim just chuckles and says "Of course"...and then we look at each other wondering if he will feel the same way in 10 years when he's the one in charge of doing the yard work and not daddy...hee hee. Yes, he is a miracle, and I love him dearly - and am thankful for the love and humor that he brings to my heart on a daily basis. I love you, Cristian!
xoxo -

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Wine"-ding Down... sweet it is; the kiddos are in bed...I'm sitting in front of the 'puter, typing away with one of vino in the other. There's nothing like a good ole glass of red to relax with and "wine"-down with. I mean, seriously...I'm getting my "fruit" food group in for the day, while helping my heart out - according to my doctor...and relaxing at the same time! Talk about multi-tasking...I think I'm pretty good at this! (smile)
I also enjoy going over to a friends house, or meeting up at a restaurant and enjoying a glass of wine that way too...oh, and there's the boat - we love to join Jim's folks out on a sunset cruise and enjoy a glass there too...there are just so many ways to enjoy a glass of wine. And there is such comraderie amongst us wine connoisseurs. We love to sit around, sniffing at our glasses and swirling the wonderful contents around...okay...maybe that's just me...NOT - ha ha!
Well, I toast you my friends, and wish you an enjoyable evening! Good night!
Now if I could just find a good cigar around here...
xoxo -

Monday, August 17, 2009

Simple Beauty: Hummingbirds

There is almost nothing I look forward to more in the spring, summer and early fall months as my little Hummingbirds. I really cannot get enough of these charming little birds. I have two feeders for them at my house, one in the front and one in the back. They are very territorial , these little winged creatures...and all day long, they chase each other from one feeder to the other. I did actually catch a glimpse of two sitting and feeding at the same time the other day - it was marvelous! They are just the tiniest, most delightful little feathered characters. And yes - they are FULL of character!! Yesterday, I had actually needed to refill their feeder and was sitting out on my back porch reading a magazine...and one little fellow flew up to me and started chirping, as if to say "Hello...why are you just sitting there when we need to be fed"!?!?!? It was really a wonderful moment for me...I realized that he knew that I was looking out for him and taking care of him in the way of nourishment.
Hummingbirds are symbols of peace, love, happiness and accomplishing that which seems impossible while teaching the miracle of joyful living and finding happiness in our own life 's circumstances. There is something about their many colors that is just beautiful in my eyes; the purples, reds, greens, blues...just watching them from my window or porch brings me a feeling of happiness and's really hard to describe the effect these little birds have on me. Yes, I certainly do adore these sweet little birds, and they bring me much joy. Thankfully, I get to enjoy them for a few months more...
Now...I'm off to sit on my back porch and take in the chase of the day!
xoxo -

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's a Mother To Do?

Famous words from my Grandma, "What's a Mother to do"?...when she says it...I always have to laugh because she says it in jest about silly things that happen from day to day. I find myself repeating that same adage over and over sometimes when things are crazy around here and it brings a smile to my face as I think of my darling Grandma and what she means to me.
Of late...the past 3 days to be exact - I was with out the internet! OH THE HORROR!! I can laugh at that now...because NEVER in my life would I expect that I do SO much blog...just to name a few. As time goes on and technology gets more and more advanced...I sit and think to myself..."what's a mother to do"? We are pulled in so many directions these days.
It was nice in the fact that I got a few more things around the house done...but...being without the internet...was very odd. I felt so disconnected. All is better now...the "Cable man" came and got us fixed up...for now...hee hee. Glad to be back on and able to be "connected". Missed y'all!
Well..."what this mother is about to do" is go take a Sunday afternoon nappy-pooh while the rest of the house sleeps.
Good day, friends! (as Paul Harvey would say)
xoxo -

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Country Roads by John Denver

If there's anything I remember about my very first "camp" experience in the 5th grade at Camp Tekoa in the mountains of North Carolina, it's the song "Country Roads" by John Denver. I first heard it while sitting in a huge, old fashioned, wooden rocking chair on the porch of the log cabin "Cafeteria". Some of the camp counselors were rocking in their chairs singing it. And yes - it certainly was "music" to my ears. dad and I had missed that one (if you haven't yet read it; read my post on my father and I). Nonetheless, it was an instant favorite for me...and if you know know I am like a broken record with something I like, I wanted to hear nothing else but that song for the rest of the trip (I'm like that with restaurants, etc., I'll ALWAYS order the same thing because I love it)! Anyways, I remember having them sing it like 10 times in a row (just that day only - not counting ALL the other days I made them sing it that week) so that I could memorize it. I remember a pretty, brown eyed counselor, with curly brown hair saying to me, "we need to give the other kids a chance for their song"...then I started giving the other kids the "eye" so that they would suggest Country Roads too...ha ha - good times!
There were so many other things that happened on that initial camping trip...ohh...I don't know...things like...waking up first thing in the morning to "grandaddy long leg" spiders ALL OVER ME and all over/in my sleeping bag (seriously, I was COVERED IN THEM - all of us campers were) that was the first night we camped out under a "tarp" - no closed or zippered tents there (the rest of the time we were in cabins)...and yes...that's where my phobia of spiders came from. Then, there was my very first kiss...or should I say "french kiss"...I had no idea what I was doing...yes...can you believe Camp Tekoa of all places - ha!! We were playing "truth or dare" the night we camped out and yes...I had my very first kiss with a very cute boy I only just met at camp that week. (Our counselors had fallen in love and were talking dreamily by the campfire, whilst we 5th graders were working on learning a few things of our own accord back under the "tarp"). And then I remember another friend that was in the boys cabin...he and I really hit it off because we both LOVED Frank Sinatra...(who the heck in 5th grade liked Frank Sinatra, or had even heard of him for that matter)??? So, of course, we were instant buddies. We would be hiking through the woods...riding down the zip line singing, "Start spreading the news...I'm leavin today...I wanna be a part of it NEW YORK, NEW YORK"...ahhh yes...I have such fabulous memories from that week...but...the most prominent is my discovery of John Denver and my all time favorite hit of his...Country Roads...I actually sing it as a lullaby to my sweet angels every night before they go to should hear my son sing it with me...that sweet voice of his, "Mountain Mama...take me roads"...with a lisp on the "s" at the end of the word "roads"...NOTHING more precious in the world to me!!!!
Well...goodnight ladies...and I leave you with this video of my favorite lullaby...
xoxo -

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Daughter's Eyes

Right now, my sweet little mini me is in here as I type and she is jumping off of Jim's briefcase (which is laying flat on the ground right next to me) and shouting "YAAAAY - High five mommie"! She is so funny - those bright, blue eyes - so full of life and happiness...that sweet smile and being so proud of herself for jumping so superbly and giving mommie "fives"! I just love looking at those little legs - very much like my own when I was her age. It's amazing to see just how far she has come in her little life...and I am so excited for where God will take her! Trust me though...I'm loving taking it day at a time...don't want to rush her growing I've realized in her older brother, my darling son, Cristian's goes by much too quickly.
Alas...I digress...
I simply love seeing my baby girl's reaction to different things, new things...the smell of a flower...a bird flying in the air; that's one thing she and I do often...not even realizing it. I'll just be driving in the car and I'm always spotting buzzards or hawks flying about or hiding in trees...scoping out the scene. I've even had friends that were riding in the car with me say, "you look up alot" every time I noticed a bird. And...every now and then, as I'm driving along, I'll hear - "bird mommie - look!! bird!!" - she is so cute, and then I realize...she is always looking towards the Heavens...much like me...
I love seeing the world through her eyes...much comes back to me from my childhood...very good memories of being a little girl. Heck, I still feel like I just graduated from high school half the time...where has the time gone? I thank the Lord for my daughter...she is such a precious little being (and of course so is her older brother...he's another blog entirely)! (smile) I'm thankful for the memories she's given me and the many more we will make together!! I love you Carmen!
xoxo -

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Hi Friends -
Today, during the kiddos nap time, I had some time to ponder. I love pondering...hee hee...seriously though...just sitting back, enjoying silence and's nice...refreshing even. During my "pondering" this afternoon, I began to consider the many things going on in my life...where I've been...where I'm going...and you know what? It hit me that I rarely recognize and reflect upon the many blessings God has bestowed upon me...and my friends and family. But yes, it's true...there have been many...and I'm so thankful for each of them and sometimes without meaning to...I take the blessings in my life for granted. The fact that I have fingers and can sit here and type this message to you is a blessing. The fact that I have eyes that can see the beauty in a warm sunny day, the fact that I can see my sweet angels from Heaven (my children) a blessing - they are blessings! There are so many people in this world that face such hardships, remember Helen Keller...what an amazing person - she was deaf and blind, yet, she considered herself blessed. She was an awesome author and political enthusiast in her day. There are countless others like her, who didn't have things quite so easy as the rest of us, with the use of our 5 senses...and all of our limbs. Yet, they have made their mark in this world and God has used them divinely in one way or another. They have been a blessing to others through their own livelihoods. As I type this today, and the rain falls outside of my comfortable, dry home...I thank the Lord for his providence and blessings. I hope that you can take time out of your busy - or maybe not so busy, but blessed lives to count the many blessings you have too. And...I hope it leaves a smile on your face...and a tenderness lingering in your heart for a long, long time...
xoxo -

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pen and Paper me...there is just something uplifting about sitting down and hand-writing a note/letter. This is definitely an attribute I can thank my mother for, because I saw her do it so often as a child and she had my brother, sister and I writing thank you notes from early on...and I am so thankful she did!! There's nothing better {well not much... :)} than getting a nice note or card in the mail - isn't it just great?? I love sifting through the bills and ridiculous "junk" mail to find some handwritten note/ really just makes my day! I remember when I was in college, I used to LOVE to get letters from my grandma (and I knew she loved me when she would write to me, because she told me that she got to where she really "disliked" writing, she had written so many letters to my grandfather and uncles when they were in different wars). My friend Meighan and I used to write letters to one another (we were at different colleges) and we would draw, color, you name it on the front and back of our envelopes...I remember once sending her an "under the sea" envelope...I had drawn all kinds of fish, bubbles, coral, etc. and colored the whole background "sea blue" - you could see absolutely no white on the outside of that large, standard white envelope. But...of course, the best part was on the inside...the handwritten, thought out sentiments that I had authored just for her. I loved it - that was really before computers and email were copious. I also remember during my time spent in Boston, getting letters from friends and boyfriends, I still have many of these letters saved today. I enjoy reading them every couple of years or so to remember what I was doing then and what was happening in my life.
A couple of my friends are in the "Stampin Up" business and I'm certainly an aficionado of their cards - Hallmark has lost a lot of business from me since I found these awesome card makers! Stampin Up provides the stamps and my friends use their "creative" expertise to design beautiful, unique cards (my friend Brandy has made me my very own custom cards)! I recently discovered that my friend Sally does the same thing - you can view their blogs on my "blog list". :) And yes, I have for every occasion..get well, thinking of you, thank you, etc. - and just plain old stationary to boot! short, I am a card/stationary husband just sits and shakes his head when he sees my plethora of writing papers and cards...
xoxo -

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Portrait of my Mother: American Wildlife

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember my mother always bringing home some kind of hurt or wounded animal to care read that was my mom...not me or my siblings. Usually it's the child bringing such creatures home...but in our family it was our mom. We were always excited and anxious to see how the healing process would go...and to learn about a new kind of animal. I really did enjoy that as a child and am glad my babies now get to be a part of that as well; my mother recently started volunteering for the ARC - Animal Rescue of the Carolinas. It's an awesome network of folks dedicated to taking care of abandoned baby opossums to squirrels with broken legs and anything and everything in between...what healers they are! I have absolutely NO "healing" mom stored all of those up for herself...hee hee...but what she did bless me (and my brother and sister) with was a love and compassion for animals of all sorts. We've had flying squirrels, raccoons (who've come back to our family's house and proudly shown us their own little families - yes - really!!), birds of different sorts, etc. I remember my dad even jumped on board (begrudgingly) and brought home two little black kittens that were about to be run over on the side of the road one night...we gave one away to a family friend and kept the other...he was the tiniest runt of a cat I've ever seen...we named him Eclipse, he stole our hearts.
Nowadays my mom & dad's home is filled with National Geographic magazines, Wildlife magazine and North Carolina Wildlife magazine. My mother's love of animals isn't just local. Several years ago, she actually got to go and work with some wolves up in Minnesota, that were being readied to return to the wild. I remember her excitement to be able to experience that & it has been one of the highlights of her life.
Many of the animals my mom has worked with really seem to bond with my's as if they can "feel" her caring and nurturing them back to health. Some have stayed around the house...or outside of the house as I mentioned above, it's as if they know it's a "safe haven" for them. I'll always thank my mother for showing me such graciousness and compassion for God's creatures.
xoxo -